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Cleanse 101

Feeling a little down? Dry skin? Bloated? Maybe you need to detoxify your body from all the impurities in the air and from what you eat. We offer a 1 and 3 day cleanse. Cleansing is a natural way to give your body necessary nutrients and giving your digestive system a break. But before you start with any juice cleanse you have to prepare your body for hunger cravings. Its recommended to eat whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, and drink at least eight glasses of water, sleep well and exercise.

We recommend 6 of our seven juices for you:

  • Strong Green
  • Ginger shot or turmeric shot
  • Cocoa Almond milk
  • Yellow
  • Beet It
  • Carrot Blend
  • Easy Going

What to expect on your day one cleanse, you might not feel anything in the morning since you just had hours doing your juice cleanse. The kicking point would be in the afternoon.  You might feel hungry(of course), tired, with headaches, lightheaded, moodiness, flu like symptoms. But don’t worry because the next day you will feel refreshed. On the second day cleanse day you might feel more energetic and have less craving to eat. The third day will not be a problem.

Aim to drink a juice bottle every 2 to 2.5 hours. Make sure to drink a juice bottle at least two hours before going to bed. Try not to skip any juice time, even if you are not hungry. Consistency is the key.

Some Tips when Cleansing
  • You can drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning. It’s a great estimultantor for the liver, which begins the cleansing process before you even start your the first juice of the day.
  • Take a sauna, it helps in your detox process
  • Do Light exercise or yoga
  • Don’t do another cleanse shortly after. Wait at least a month.
  • Eating raw vegetables would satisfy your need to chew(only if you have the urge to chew something)
  • Write down your experience with the cleanse.

The day after doing the cleanse:

  • NO proccess foods, sugars, coffee or dairy
  • First day eat mainly vegetables. Either raw or slightly steamed.
  • Second day start introducing brown rice and fruit. You can also add extra virgin oil or coconut oil into your cooking. Plus day 1.
  • Third day you can start eating beans or legumes, organic yogurt plus day 1 and day 2.
  • After day four you can introduce meat, poultry or fish if you wish.


Our journey began several years ago. It was one of those new year’s resolutions me and my sister in law made to get healthy. We didn’t give up and started researching for recipes and came across with juices. We started making them in different types of machines. Then one day my sister in law came across the cold pressed juice technique. Which is an advanced way of juicing. It retains the most nutrient value in a juice. When you make it there is no heating or oxidation of the produce. We bought a machine and started juicing. We saw the results immediately. Several months later we decided to look for a place so people learn the benefits of juicing. We found one in the great community of Herndon downtown. Our goal is to make people learn the benefits of juicing.


Cold pressed juice

Cold press juice is  made with a hydraulic press using a thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum amount of liquid, no heat or oxygen is filtered into the juices, that is why it preserves 100% of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients of fruits and vegetables.

It will preserve the vitamins and enzymes.

They won’t be destroyed like with other juices.

They are easy to digest.

Our bodies take a lot of energy to digest food and to break them down into smaller components to absorb the vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

It's an efficient way to get the right amount of fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Cold-pressed juicing allows you to drink all these nutrients from numerous organic fruits and vegetables in one sitting.

It increases your energy level.

Having a good intake of raw vegetables and fruits as part of your daily diet Your immune system gets a boost.

Your digestive systems gets a break.

Cold pressed juice its easy to digest. It allows a better absorption of the nutrients. When the fiber and the pulp are remove, the juice enters your digestive system to the small intestine where all the absorption happens and it allows for all the other organs to work more efficiently and effectively.

Feel great.

You are going to feel and look great too. The results of juicing will make you look great from the inside out. You will have a clearer and brighter skin, less bloating, weight loss and will have less water retention.